Front-End Espresso Machine Service

Front-End Espresso Machine Service

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Coffee machines go through a lot each day, so we recommend this service is undertaken once a year (dependant on usage) and should not take no longer then an hour meaning minimal disruption to your business. The service concentrates on the group heads, steamer / hot water outlets and replacing wear and tear seals and other perishable parts to keep your machine running as new.

It is advised that this service is to be carried out at least every 8-12 months. This is done on site, the service consists of:

  • Replacing Group Head Seals, Group Head Gaskets, Group Head Shower Plates, Steam arm rubbers.
  • Back Flushing Of The Group Head Itself.
  • Basic training on how to clean & maintain the machine, if required.
  • Advice on general condition of the machine and parts & recommend future replacement when necessary.