Full Espresso Machine Service

Full Espresso Machine Service

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Whether you have been keeping on top of cleaning and care of the machine from day one but feel the machine needs rejuvenating or have taken on a second hand machine and want to get it back to its glory days. The full service is a process in which we examine your machine from top to bottom, de-scaling the tank with acid to remove all lime scale, testing and flushing steam wands, replacing all perishable parts and cleaning out all loose coffee. To do this properly and thoroughly, we take your machine away for 7-14 days and complete back at our fully equipped workshop. We are aware this could have quite an impact on your business and sales so talk to us about a free loan machine whilst we undertake the work.

It is advised that this service is to be carried out at least every 12 months. This is done off site with a FREE working loan machine provided during the process ( approx. 5-7 days), this service consists of:

  • Complete strip down of machine.
  • Full Boiler Descaling Treatment.
  • Replacing Group Head Seals, Group Head Gaskets, Steam Arm Seals, Water Valve Seals, Group Head Shower Plates, Worn rubber valves.
  • Back Flushing Of The Group Head Itself.
  • Scale Removal & Cleaning of Water Ports.
  • Scale Removal & Cleaning of Internal Filters.
  • Cleaning Coils /Descaling Solenoid & Probe.
  • Drink Settings Re-Calibration.
  • Basic training of staff on how to clean & maintain the machine, if required.
  • Advice on condition of the machine and parts & recommend future replacements when necessary.